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So Pregnancy Update

They did push my due date back two days (Whatever, I’m still gonna think of July 25th as my due date and not July 27th)

I talked to my midwife about labor and delivery and she basically said that unless there’s an emergency and my or Alice’s health is at risk and they need to intervene; they’re going to let me labor and deliver however I want and do whatever I want. Which is good, because I was hoping I could labor on my side and do delayed cord clamping and other fun stuff like that. 

I got to see the little Miss on an ultrasound today to measure the amniotic fluid which had been high before, but is now perfect. She hid her face behind her hands so we didn’t get to see her face. :( She’s head down now, so it’s not actually her head in my ribs, but her butt. Her heart beat was 147. 

So other than having low iron still, everything is perfect. 

Now, all I need to do is think about birth control options. I can’t decide between the pill or injections. Both have their pros and cons. But I definitely want more birth control than just a condom after I give birth. 

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  1. mikaelaisbeautiful said: I am going to get an implant in my arm after I have him because I got pregnant on the shot so I don’t trust birth control. Lol.
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