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Please explain to me how women are oppressed in modern day first world countries

I’m going to treat this as a legit question and that you’re genuinely curious, okay? 

When every media in the country is telling a woman that they are not good enough or not beautiful if they’re not a size 8 or under- That is oppression. 

When 71% of women are serving in the U.S. military are sexually assaulted and 90% are subjected to sexual harassment- That is oppression

When politicians are telling women how to use their uterus (ie: abortions, birth control, ect)- That is oppression. 

When women only earn 72 cents to every dollar a man makes- That is oppression. 

When women are being blamed for being raped (ie: Being told they shouldn’t drink, shouldn’t be out at night, shouldn’t wear this or that) and people think it’s okay- That is oppression. 

When there are porn sites, Facebook pages, Reddit forums, and other social media websites DEDICATED to uploaded nude pictures of men’s ex-girlfriend (sometimes underage), without their permission or knowledge; and upon being reported are told that “there’s nothing wrong with this”- That is oppression. 

When Black women, Asian women, Hispanic women, ect are more likely to be sexually harassed or raped because the media is more likely to sexualize them and use them as a fetish rather than a human being in movies, TV shows, books, magazines, ect- That is oppression. 

When you can’t show a topless woman on TV, even if that TV show is a CPR guide on how to recognize and help a woman having a heart attack (and you can’t defib a woman wearing a bra), so women are more likely to die from unrecognized heart attacks because women’s bodies are more scandalous than saving their lives- That is oppression. 

When women are shown wearing next to nothing in advertisements, but then turned around and shamed for wearing “revealing” clothes in public- That is oppression. 

When a quick Google search places single fathers on a pedestal but insults, demeans, and attacks single mothers- That is oppression. 

When movies are rated-R for scenes showing someone being brutally and graphically carved up by a saw, chainsaw, head blown apart by a gunshot, or whatever disturbing sequence; but are given a NC-17 rating in a movie that shows a woman enjoying having sex- That is oppression. 

When it’s more accepted for a person to become a Female-to-male transgender; but not a male-to-female transgender- This is oppression. 

When women are expelled from their schools for not keeping quiet about their on campus rapists, but those same rapists are only required to write a letter of apology to the women they rape- This is oppression. 

When people like Perez Hilton think it’s okay to leak private nude photo’s of a celebrity (Ke$ha) and then blame it on her for having private photos and his accusation for violating her privacy is accepted- This is oppression. 

When men are offended about how Angelina Jolie got a double mastectomy to prevent herself from getting cancer that had been told she’d get- That is oppression. 

When girls in school are shamed for wearing tank tops or shorts and teachers over-sexualize a very normal body part that isn’t even sexual to begin with; but it’s perfectly fine for men to wear a tank top or shorts- That is oppression. 

When 3 out of every 4 victims in a intimate-partner homicide is a woman- This is oppression. 

When Virgin Airlines thinks it’s alright to introduce a “In-Flight Entertainment” targeted to helping men “get lucky” during a flight where a woman has no means of escaping unwanted sexual advancements- This is oppression. 

These are just a few oppression I can think of off the top of my head. I can’t speak for any other “first world country” because I don’t live in them, but I can speak for America. And this is what happens to women in America. Every. Damn. Day. 

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