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I need feminism because I posted a picture of my 37 week belly on Facebook and this asshole said this. 

I ended it by telling him " Unfriend me right now and never speak to me again. I refuse to be around or associate myself with someone who thinks it’s okay to be violent and abusive as long as "I make up for it by giving her gifts." You’re not a good person. You’re abusive and sexist. You disgust me for condoning and encouraging rape culture. If you think it’s okay to treat a woman- or anybody- that way, I hope you never have any relationship.

And here’s a hint: Woman want to be treated like human beings. Not like shit for your own amusement and then told to “lighten up. Here’s a few dollars. Go get a hair do to make you feel better because I’m just too much of a douchebag to make you feel nice about yourself in the first place.”

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    Just an FYI, yes there is a certain etiquette when it comes to talking to pregnant women. And no, most people don’t know...
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  4. ael-smom said: Sadly a lot of girls will think being given a gift after being insulted is perfectly normal and will never stand up for themselves because “that’s just what boys/husbands/men do”.
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